Spatial*Conceptual Mosaic 

The “Spatial*Conceptual Mosaic” is a collaborative method to tease out, as the name proposes, spatial and/or conceptual issues the collaborators have posed earlier. Elements (images and image fragments) that relate to the respective complex of issues can be put into various relations as part of the mosaic, which allows to pose critical questions and discuss images, the inbetween of images, and silences.

The "Urban Mosaic," is one way to use the “Spatial*Conceptual Mosaic.” 
The “Urban Mosaic” at the beginning of each workshop serves various purposes: it is an icebreaker, it facilitates the formulation of topics relevant to the respective group, and participants familiarize themselves with the available picture material they use to createown visions in thefollowing step. For this, we offer square-shaped image details scattered on a large table. Most of the participants are drawn to the images and begin to immerse themselves. We ask them to pick images that convey existing strengths (or issues) and future potential of the city. As everyone expresses their thoughts, they also relate their chosen images to those of other participants. A mosaic-like larger picture emerges from which key topics can be drawn and discussed collectively.